Toys By Kids, Round 4: What Do I Hear?

May 24th, 2011 by Ken Kahn

Toys By Kids keeps growing!  Welcome to Round 4. 

This time, the only new thing is SOUND.  As usual, we the idea of the contest is to let kids’s imaginations run wild a bit by asking:

“If you could have a toy that could do or be anything, what would it be?”

For Round 2, however, let’s see what happens when the kids are asked to think about another aspect of their creations.  Let’s ask the question this way:

“If  you could have a toy that could make any kind of sound,
what would
the toy be? What would the sound be?”

The rest of the contest is the same as for all TBK Rounds.  If you missed it, here is what we said when we first started the idea:

For a parent, one of the great things about toys is the amount of fun you have watching your kids play with them!  Who does not like to see their child have fun and stretch their brain through pretending, building, and just plain playing?

Toys are often the tool that children use to play, the prop they use in pretending, and the unit by which they can build.  But what if the toy was something they could create in their imagination?   I am sure there would be some great, surprising ideas!  After all, children do not have the same filters or preconceptions as adults do.

In this spirit, ask your child, 

“If  you could have a toy that could make any kind of sound,
what would
the toy be? What would the sound be?”

Then share  the answers with us here or on Facebook.  Comment on each other’s ideas.

This is meant to be a fun experience for you and your child to enjoy together.   The natural laws of the universe do not have to apply:  No bad ideas.  Practicality?  Pshaw!  Let your child run with their imagination without inhibition as they create their special toy.

Required Entry:

Leave a comment with your child’s toy creation as well as the child’s age here as a Comment on this blog.  Photos or drawings may also be posted at

Bonus Entries:

  • If you have more than one child, you may leave an additional comment for each child with their toy creation and age.
  • Upload child’s drawing of his or her special toy creation to
  • Get your friends (and your child’s friends) to Like your child’s idea.

Contest Rules:

This contest is sponsored by Oh! Toys.  The winner will be chosen using  Entry period is May 24- June 7, 2011 Midnight EST.  The winner will receive a $15 Gift  Code to Oh! Toys.

All decisions are final.

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25 Responses to “Toys By Kids, Round 4: What Do I Hear?”

My son wanted a riding bike that he does not have to peddle and can be driven in the ruff backyard.

Gianna says:

An alf spaceship is what my daughter is wanting to make.

thepricklypinecone says:

Ok I asked and she wants a butterfly with a bees body that goes buzz because apparently that is the sound they make when they are making honey. I see some teaching ahead for me! Oh and she is 6

susan says:

my daughter would love a cow mooo suelee1998 @

Tami Vollenweider says:

I asked my Nephew and he said he wished he could make a toy that he could walk on water with in his Grandmas pool! I already think he can swim like a Fish!

Pam Sims says:

My son who is 11 said he would like a motorcycle that makes the sound of wind blowing…

Gianna Patton says:

My 6 year old daughter would love to have a plush kangaroo that doesn’t necessarily hop, but does make the ‘muff-muff’ sound. She can’t understand why many people insist that kangaroos don’t make any sound, lol!

Vanessa says:

Gryphon (age 2) “Rrrr, rrrr. A car.”

Vanessa says:

Phoenix (age 5) “Lightning McQueen that has batteries and he would make vroom vroom.” vmvazquez83 at yahoo dot com

Heather M says:

My daughter (4) Says she wants a remote control frog…

Cassie says:

my imaginative kid wants a crocodile that will chomp….I hope not a real one.

Christina anne d. says:

My 5 year old said “a horse” that says “neigh” would be his favorite choice. annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com

Leslie S. says:

My almost 4 yr old son wants a money that can go in the water.He wants it to say ” ooooo ahhhhh ooo ahhhh lets take a bath”.Thanks!

Leslie S. says:

That should have been monkey not money lol.

Erin Cook says:

my daughter would like a bike that sounds like driving a car and with a horn that plays musical toons when you honk it

Kenzie says:

My son, age 5, would like a noisy hat that sounds like a balloon filling up and then pops.

Brooke R. says:

“I would pick a kitty that purred. And meows. And moves. A cute one that’s soft. And it’s a lovie. I would hold it and kiss it.”
My kiddo is Kate, age 3 1/2

Liam age 9 says-”I would like a golf club that when you hit the ball always says things like “good hit” or “nice swing”.

Jessica says:

My son aged 2 would like a fire engine toy that goes whoo hoo (siren sound).

Judith says:

My son, aged 6, would like a bicycle that looks like a motorcycle with a sidecar and sounds like a motorcycle.

Ken Kahn says:

Hey, I’d like one of those too! (Okay, maybe with a real motor.)

I could see my boys loving that too!

Scarlet says:

My daughter,6, says “br-r-r-r-rr-r” because that is the sound her toy plane makes that she imagined. It get her toys and cat and plants flowers in the yard.

Scarlet says:

Leo age 4 says ribbit, because it would be a toy frog with a button for ribbiting and a button for hoopping!