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Constantin Puzzles from Germany put new meaning in the word brainteasers. Designer Jean-Claude Constantin's creations are a challenge for even the most dedicated puzzler.
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Daedalus Labyrinth
The Nailboard Puzzle (Nagelbrett)
Our Price: 34.90

The Nailboard Puzzle - a packing puzzle with a twist!
Our Price: 39.99

Meandros - a surprisingly challenging packing puzzle.  Can you fit the 13 pieces back together?
Steuerrad - The Steering Wheel Puzzle
Steuerrad - The Steering Wheel
Our Price: 49.90

The Steering Wheel Puzzle - a VERY difficult sequential puzzle. Can you get all of the spokes to their most extended position?
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Our Price: $109.90
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Heptominoes - a highly challenging "pack" puzzle.  Fit the pieces back into the space on the base board.  All of them.
Daedalus Labyrinth
Daedalus Labyrinth
Our Price: 109.90

Daedalus Labyrinth - Two separate mazes, one on top of the other, with a rotating disk between them that allows the ball to travel between levels as you try to find your way through this beautiful, complex puzzle.