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Oh Toys! is dedicated to finding uniquely designed toys that provide limitless play for children of all ages. Our toys are developmental, stimulate creative thinking and are beautifully made - and made to last. Our collection of European toys ranges from kinetic toys and marble runs to unique wooden blocks and construction toys to hand-crafted tops to challenging puzzles, Oh Toys! has looked for the unusual, "out-of-the-mainstream" products that you and your children will play with and remember for a long time.

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My kids love Cuboro. The price does meet the quality of the toy.

Aritsune Y.

Many hours of creative play - lots of fun & extremely enjoyable!

Deborah G.

Cuboro Duo became a nice addition to Cuboro Standard and Metro that I have bought for my kids (6 and 9). It exceeded my expectation with superior quality. Marbles run so smooothly.

Tetsuo M.

My 5-year-old son loves playing this set. We bought Cuboro books(1and 2) together with this set, which helped increase his creation

Mizuka Y.

I got the Cuboro Basis Marble Maze for my son last Christmas. He likes playing with them and asked for a new set for this up coming xmas. it's very great learning tool for kids.

Christopher F.

A beautifully constructed instrument with perfect sound quality. Definitely an upgrade over "toy" versions, even my two year old appreciates the difference.

Laela A.

Got this puzzle for my future father-in-law. My fiance and I were kind of terrified when we opened the box - it looked like an impossible puzzle. Regardless, it was really cool-looking


Ken is a great store owner who stayed in communication with me throughout the purchase and was great to work with. These are unique products that I don't think you will be able to find anywhere else in the US in many cases. I look forward to seeing what other products the store brings in. Regardless of their age, anyone who loves toys and puzzles, and appreciates unique and one-of-a-kind superbly.

Will K.

These Korxx blocks are wonderful for our small kids (ages 4 and 6). They’re lightweight and nearly silent when dropped (or knocked over). A Great introduction to building blocks - and they seem to be able to hold together even on an angel, due to the friction between the cork surfaces. I wish the pre-school and kindergarten class had these.

Joanne K.