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NanoEmo - from Wodibow Nano Emo

Let 'em know your mood! Do you want others to know how you’re feeling? Surely you can find one face among all these possibilities to reflect your mood.

Nanoemos get angry, mock, laugh and cry. You decide their/your mood by combining their halves. Use them on the fridge or on the table; and, if you’re in the mood, take pictures and share them in social media.

This —or that— is my mood. An emotional barometer to share with whomever you want. “Warning: don’t enter into my room or I’ll bite your head off”; “Today you can ask me anything, I won’t say no”; or “With my glasses, the sky’s the limit!”

Our Price: $24.90

Wodibow Nanodonts - Olaf (Elephant) - An ingenious wooden animal puzzle from Spain.  Internal magnets allow assembly of each puzzle and allow a bit of movement.

List Price: $34.90
Our Price: $34.90
Sale Price: $25.90
Savings: $9.00
Blumenlaby  (Flowers Labyrinth) Blumenlaby (Flowers Labyrinth)

Blumenlaby  (Flowers Labyrinth) - a maze with a twist - literally!  This two-level maze will have you scratching your head and having you see double.

Our Price: $44.90
Woonkis - from Wodibow Woonkis - from Wodibow

An asteroid hits a remote forest near to the magnetic North Pole, causing one of the most fortunate natural disasters ever recorded. Magnetic rocks started to behave in a strange way: they moved and rotated over each other. Small rough and ready pieces of beech wood start to look altogether human with parts resembling heads, arms, feet…

Over several hundred years, these rocks have evolved and become lively and powerful magnets, they have fused with pieces of wood, and are now fully humanoid, to create the fun and multifaceted Woonkis.

Our Price: $49.90
Cuboro Tricky Ways Fasal Cuboro Tricky Ways Fasal

A strategic marble run game unlike any other!  Can you
envision the longest marble path?  Tricky Ways Fasal - an ingenious 3-D
kinetic strategy game from Edition Cuboro.  Tricky Ways offers never-ending fun via this popular marble
run game. Tricky WaysFasal is a strategy-based game that will provide hours
of entertainment for you and your family.

Our Price: $74.00
Kellner Steckfiguren's Pi-Pa-Po Stick Figure Play Set Kellner Steckfiguren's Pi-Pa-Po Stick Figure Play Set

Kellner Stickfigures are a classic European imagination toy. Clever joiner "Jummi" pieces and faces with a ton of character let your child's creativity loose as they build their own characters and involve them in fantasy play. A bit retro, and full of old-world charm, these characters will become "like family."

Our Price: $99.90
Pony Construction Set No. 1 Pony Construction Set No. 1

Pony is a wooden construction set for boys and girls that uses ingenious
blocks, peg, and wheels to allow construction of sturdy, sizable
creations. Strong enough for small children to ride on! Pony Set 1 allows construction of carts, tricycles, scooters, cranes, locomotives and more.

Our Price: $229.90
Here are some of our most popular toys, games and puzzles -- items that you won't find in
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European brands like Constantin and Truzzle. Find natural wooden toys
including marble runs from Cuboro and spinning tops from Mader. These toys are great for young children as well as adults! The whole
family will enjoy playing with any of these toys. Our unique kids toys
often double as family heirlooms and can be passed down to be enjoyed by
several generations.
If you're looking for unique and European kids toys online, you've come
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