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Naef Campanile (Black) Naef Campanile (Black)

Naef Campanile - Ten different wooden elements, one tower. Solve the challenge by filling the tower. Multiple solutions in this spatial sense conundrum from Switzerland. This all-black version (except for the tower) is more challenging than the color version.

List Price: $149.90
Our Price: $129.90
Savings: $20.00
Naef Spiele (Precious Woods Version) Naef Spiele (Precious Woods Version)

This "Precious Woods" version of "Naef Spiel" blocks uses one of the first designs by Naef company founder
Kurt Naef, and makes wonderful use of 8 beautifully grained woods. The sixteen blocks, each with 8 angled "teeth," can be
wedged and stacked together to form unusual, staggered creations, such
as bridges and towers, which can be built wider at the top than at the
base.  A stimulating, creative challenge for any builder, young or old.

List Price: $179.90
Our Price: $169.90
Savings: $10.00
Naef Tectus Naef Tectus

Tectus is a classic Naef construction toy for the classic geometry fan. It consists of  23 white rectangular shapes, in several varying sizes, each of which is divided
into the dimensions of the golden ratio.  They are assembled in in black rectangular plates.

List Price: $299.90
Our Price: $259.90
Savings: $40.00