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Lessing Little Woodman Lessing Little Woodman

From German designer Christian Lessing:  If you have ever gone on a hike
in the mountains (or a walk in a park), you may have seen little stone
men, cairns or examples of "rocketry" - the art of piling stones and
rocks creatively, stacking them to seemingly defy gravity.  In the past,
they were vital, pointing out the safe paths between mountains.  Today,
they mark paths and also serve as outdoor art.  With these beautiful
wooden "stones," you can recreate your own stone men in the playroom or
on the desktop.

Our Price: $34.90
Lessing Build-a-Wall Sack Lessing Build-a-Wall Sack

From German designer Christian Lessing: The Build-a-Wall Sack is a game involves
constructing wooden "brickwork" without the help of mortar.  It requires
skill and patience.  This time-honored art will occupy your attention
and satisfy your urge to create and build, whether in the playroom or on
the desktop.

Our Price: $49.90
Simple, slightly whimsical wood construction toys from Christian Lessing are a great addition to playroom, desktop or coffee table.

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