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Escher Escher

5 puzzles in one!  Do you get a kick out of turning your perceptions
inside out to solve a puzzle?  If so, the ingenious Escher Mirror Puzzle
will have you stretching your sense of space and relationships as you
try to place the cubes in the box to create several classic M.C. Escher
drawings using both images and reflections.

List Price: $18.99
Our Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $14.99
Savings: $4.00
Brain String Advanced Brain String Advanced

Classic brain teaser.  Fun to hold and manipulate, challenging and rewarding to solve.

Our Price: $18.99
ChromaCube ChromaCube

Try to place each of the 12 wooden ChromaCubes in the right place is quite a challenge.  The cryptic clues on the puzzle cards determine how the colors should be arranged.  Fun alone or with others.

Our Price: $19.90
Deblockle Deblockle

Deblockle is a casual strategy game of tips and turns for two players.
Take turns flipping your blocks into adjacent squares and then moving
them across the board. Be the first player to successfully remove all of
your blocks by maneuvering them onto the final square on the board and
you win!  Deceptively conceptual and challenging!

Our Price: $24.90