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NanoEmo - from Wodibow Nano Emo

Let 'em know your mood! Do you want others to know how you’re feeling? Surely you can find one face among all these possibilities to reflect your mood.

Nanoemos get angry, mock, laugh and cry. You decide their/your mood by combining their halves. Use them on the fridge or on the table; and, if you’re in the mood, take pictures and share them in social media.

This —or that— is my mood. An emotional barometer to share with whomever you want. “Warning: don’t enter into my room or I’ll bite your head off”; “Today you can ask me anything, I won’t say no”; or “With my glasses, the sky’s the limit!”

Our Price: $24.90
Chalking from Wodibow Chalking - from Wodibow

Imagination and Chalk! A timeless idea, updated by the team at Wodibow in Spain. Decorate the shapes, over and over again with chalk.

List Price: $44.90
Our Price: $44.90