About Us

About Us

It has been said that play is the beginning of knowledge. I too believe this to be true, and that quality playtime, and play in general is essential to the growth and development of everyone -  and especially our kids. Play teaches them so many things. It is how they first learn to learn, imagine, and experience the joy of creativity.

At Oh Toys! we’re excited to bring you our collection of high-quality, hard-to-find toys that aim to satisfy and enhance this very human need to explore, invent, and think.

Whether it’s building blocks, marble runs, construction sets, wooden toys, or puzzles, our selections offer imaginative play that is timeless, ageless, and limitless.

Take a look at all the possibilities offered at Oh Toys! We hope you and your kids are inspired to come play.

Ken Kahn
Player #1

Official Importer

for Cuboro, Korxx, Truzzles and other amazing European toys and games. Oh Toys! is an official importer of hard-to-find educational toys, puzzles and marble runs from Europe. We believe that play should be inventive, creative and inspiring, and we’ve sought out unusual toys to encourage exploration and fun. Our unique catalog features safe and durable wooden toys, cork building blocks from Korxx, wooden marble runs from Cuboro and more.

Oh Toys! Mission

Oh Toys! is dedicated to finding uniquely designed toys that provide limitless play for children of all ages. Our toys are developmental, stimulate creative thinking and are beautifully made - and made to last. Our collection of European toys ranges from kinetic toys and marble runs to unique wooden blocks and construction toys to hand-crafted tops to challenging puzzles, Oh Toys! has looked for the unusual, "out-of-the-mainstream" products that you and your children will play with and remember for a long time.